Frequently Asked Questions

How much space required?

We need a minimum of 35ft by 10ft of legal parking, but ideal up to 60 feet with vehicle, and room to maneuver. 

Do we need to provide an electrical hook up for the Mobile Room Escape?

One Exit Mobile Escape Room is equipped with a Generator to power itself. No Outlets or cords are necessary from you.

What do I need to plan for?

You provide the event and space, and we provide the experience.

How far in advance do you recommend we book our event?

We recommend booking your private party at least 6 weeks out, but we will do our best to accommodate your group at any time.

Can we bring food or drinks?

No food or beverages are not permitted inside the room.

Are the doors really locked?

No, you may exit the room at any time.

My “friend” is claustrophobic.  How big are the rooms

This should not been a problem.  Our trailer is about the size of an average child’s bedroom and is about 150sf.  There is over 7ft head clearance inside the room.

Is it Scary?

No, We promise to keep you entertained in a fun safe environment.  It is a little dark for our younger guests, but definitely not scary.

Are children permitted?

Our room is challenging and we recommend kids 12 years of age and up.  We can modify the game to make it less challenging for younger groups.

How Long is the game?

Houdini's Challenge can vary the length of its escape room to a time of your choosing. We have 60 minute, 40 minute, 30 minute, 20 minute and 10 minute adventures.

Does the Mobile Room Escape have bathrooms?

Our trailer does not have any bathrooms so we do recommend visiting the facility ahead of time.

Are Cell phones allowed?

Cell phone use in the escape rooms will not be needed to solve clues, please no photographs in the rooms. 

What happens if we don’t escape in time?

At the end of your game, your GameMaster will “unlock” the room and debrief you.

We Want to book, but do not have the location yet?

We come to wherever your party is. If you are unsure where the party is going to be at the time of your deposit... we ask that you give us a sample address of the area and to stay within 5 miles of that address.

What happens in the event of inclement weather?

Houdini's Challenge is a fully enclosed trailer and the adventure goes on rain, snow, or shine. We offer a dry area inside the trailer 15 minutes before your game starts to stay out of the elements.

Immunity Quest is a pop up tent and weather can be a concern.

How do I obtain a parking permit for the Mobile Room Escape

One Exit Mobile Escape Room is here to make your party as easy as possible for you to plan. We will guide and assist you to obtain any permits and reserved parking necessary with your city or village.  We also works with many park districts, office complexes, and restaurants to bring the adventure to where ever you are. Any charges for parking permits will be the responsibility of the party host.

How many people can participate?

Houdini's Challenge can accept children groups of 8 at a time and adult groups of 6 at a time.  Do you have a larger group?  We have solutions to accommodate groups as large as 200 people.  Immunity Quest can accommodate groups of 8 at a time.

What is your payment plan for Mobile Room Escapes private parties?

We require a 50%  deposit at booking to secure your date and a location. Full Payment is due 2 weeks before the event.

What if I need to cancel?

Cancellations must be made within 14 days of date for a full refund minus $100 cancellation fee.  If you need to change date, no charges will be applied if it is 14 days or more from your original date.  (Date change subject to availability).  If Cancellation is less than 14 days, 50% of your booking will be refunded.