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One Exit Mobile Escape Room provides a very productive means for team building or corporate events.  Companies are turning to Escape Rooms to promote team building and employee development like no other.

Escape Rooms promote some very key components to team building.  Unlike other team building activities, each person plays a role in a story.  Each player must communicate, listen, work together, all with the pressure of being timed. This develops respect among the team members who work together.  It shows who are the leaders, who are followers, and who showcases extraordinary skills.

Escape Room adventures helps to develop respect for all team members who contribute all while having a fun bonding adventure outside of  the workspace.  While collaborating and team bonding are essential to escaping the room, how each employee handles the tasks provides invaluable information for the company to use for developing their employees.  It can show an employee’s strengths and weaknesses and even help to place employees in certain positions such as customer services or technical areas by the way they contribute and by their personalities.  It also encourages creative thinking, which is a difficult skill to develop in the normal day-to-day situations or with other team building activities.

One Exit Mobile Room Escapes can support all company sizes.

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